Magazine Covers

Urtso_Magazine1Urtso_Magazine2Above are recreations of Time magazine and Vogue.  I incorporated two of my favorite things…Elon University and my foster dog, Keller.  I used layering, text, the blur tool, pattern stamping, and other elements of Photoshop to recreate these magazine colors.  I thought it would be funny to make a fairly serious and very prestigious magazine, such as Vogue, into something about dogs or just something far less serious.  For the Elon Times magazine cover, I wanted to try to recreate a Times cover as close as I could using Elon’s signature maroon as the anchor color.



These are some photographs of the Elon University basketball game against Northeastern.  They went into double overtime and only lost by one point.  It was fun to people watch and look at a sports event in a different light.  My shutter speed was very quick considering I had to get action shots.  I also had to adjust my aperture a lot because the lighting inside the stadium was not prime.