Still Video

Still Video Project


This is a still video project of Belk Library at Elon University.  This video includes different shots of the library.


Magazine Covers

Urtso_Magazine1Urtso_Magazine2Above are recreations of Time magazine and Vogue.  I incorporated two of my favorite things…Elon University and my foster dog, Keller.  I used layering, text, the blur tool, pattern stamping, and other elements of Photoshop to recreate these magazine colors.  I thought it would be funny to make a fairly serious and very prestigious magazine, such as Vogue, into something about dogs or just something far less serious.  For the Elon Times magazine cover, I wanted to try to recreate a Times cover as close as I could using Elon’s signature maroon as the anchor color.

Product Labels


Above are food label images created on Photoshop.  I used layering, layer masking, gradient, DaFont, text, and other elements of Photoshop to recreate these images.  The Mello Yello soda label is made for a 20 oz bottle of pop.  It is in the exact dimensions of a real 20 oz bottle.  The Nilla Wafers are as close to the actual box that I could get!

Photo Collages


Above are three collages created in Photoshop.  I used layer masking, text, fading, among other Photoshop elements to create these images.  The first collage represents some of the places that I have lived.  The second are the classic Disney movies that I grew up watching and always remind me of my childhood when I see them.  Lastly, there’s 10 of many Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors, because who doesn’t love ice cream?


These are some photographs of the Elon University basketball game against Northeastern.  They went into double overtime and only lost by one point.  It was fun to people watch and look at a sports event in a different light.  My shutter speed was very quick considering I had to get action shots.  I also had to adjust my aperture a lot because the lighting inside the stadium was not prime.

Things & Places



These are some pictures of some of my favorite things that I think make me, me!  Starting with the Buddha…I like to think I follow what the Buddhist religion portrays.  I’m a firm believer in “whatever will be, will be” and I think the Buddha reminds me of that every morning when I wake up and see him on my bedside table.  The next is the records.  I have a huge collection of records at home and I love the purity of the music that comes out of it.  Lastly, is the pupper.  I have recently really been involved with fostering dogs from my local humane society.  This guy’s name is Keller, he’s a 7 year-old Australian Shepard who is partially blind (in his blue eye) and partially deaf.  His owner surrendered him because she could no longer afford to care for him.  At the time, he had been sleeping in her car for over a week.  I’m so happy that he came into my life and will hopefully find an even better forever home than we can imagine.

I prefer natural lighting, so I took to the great outdoors to shoot these pics. Since it was so bright outside, my ISO was typically fairly low and my shutter speed did not have to be heightened because the objects were relatively motionless.

These are some photographs of the newest communications building at Elon University.  There are some detailed photographs of the outside and one photograph inside the building.  I chose this one because I thought it has a lot of potential…and it doesn’t hurt that it is absolutely beautiful.

This section of the assignment made me think a lot more about technical work.  I thought more about lighting and the rule of thirds during this.   Again, since the lighting was pretty good, I didn’t have a problem with the camera’s sensitivity to light.